At TASC we offer a strategic range of comprehensive services on employment law, ranging from precautionary planning to lawsuit.

Some of our services

 Advice and support to Human Resources areas; prevention of labor disputes; identification of training needs; performance and working environment assessment and analysis..

 Preparation of legal opinions and employment proceedings on restructuring, acquisitions, merging, bankruptcy proceedings, and liquidation of a company.

Individual and collective employment litigation within Mexico.

Attention to inspections and audits from the STPS (Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, for its Spanish acronym) and from the Directorates for Employment in the Mexican Republic states.

Administrative contestation and lawsuit against penalties and sanctions imposed by the STPS (Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, for its Spanish acronym).

Employment audits in compliance with the current Mexican legislation and the applicable Official Mexican Standards.

Establishment of subsidiaries, branches, related companies, co-investments, agents, or representatives in Mexico or abroad.

Constitution and support to Mixed Commissions in companies.

 Collective employment relations, collective bargaining with labor unions in Mexico.

Conflict management and administrative lawsuit with different authorities such as IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security, for its Spanish acronym), INFONAVIT (Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers, for its Spanish acronym), ISSSTE (Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute, for its Spanish acronym), FOVISSSTE (Housing Fund for the Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute, for its Spanish acronym), CONSAR (National Commission for the Retirement Savings System, for its Spanish acronym), among other.

Corporate planning includes several aspects, such as the preparation of job applications and employment contracts; proper preparation of receipts for salary, vacations, vacation premium, and year-end bonus payments; preparation of internal work regulations; constitution and monitoring of the mixed commissions each company has to implement such as: training and practice, health and safety, seniority table, commission for the employees profit sharing, among other.

We counsel our clients to prevent or to be fully prepared to face a labor lawsuit, an inspection, or just a labor conciliation.

The appropriate counseling on preventive planning is key for clients to be assured they are taking the necessary measures to avoid a labor lawsuit or, if needed, face it knowing they will be supported by experts all along the way.

Additionally, by taking the necessary preventive measures, our clients have all the documentation required to prove the alleged matters in the dispute, whether to take to court or just to be well prepared for any labor inspection or conciliation.

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